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9/25/2008: Robotic Hands of the Future!

The future and robotics have been synonymous for decades, and for good reason! With research and development, robotic prosthetics could be used for things like helping people who lost limbs, aid in the construction of delicate electronics, or even in space to assist in repairs. Most of these hands are controlled using computers. Here are a few of these futuristic robo-hands!

The Sheffield Hand, developed by Sheffield Hallam University.

The Sheffield Hand, developed by Sheffield Hallam University.

The Sheffield Hand, built in 2002, focuses on the development of “artificial muscle” and sophisticated joints. It’s the detailed phalanges that make it one the most flexible hands and arms, through simple cylindrical disks that produce realistic abduction and adduction.

This hand was used by NASA as a prototype for the 50-foot arm aboard the Space Shuttle, Discovery.

The Shadow Robot hand

The Shadow Robot hand

The Shadow Robot hand has sensors on the fingers and hand that can be controlled by a computer, or even via a network. This allows for users to manipulate the hand’s movements from across the globe! This robotic hand is unique because its sensors are so sensitive it can detect and pick up a quarter from off the floor! The possibilities for this type of technology are nearly endless, and with further research, could potentially change the world.

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