9/29/2008 Have you ever heard about programming?

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Have you ever wondered how computers do the amazing things they do? Although fully understanding the complexity of a computer system might be really difficult, understanding the people behind it might help us get a better idea of how some applications are possible. Some of these professionals are called programmers, whose job is to transform ideas such as “hum! wouldn’t it be cool if you could see who is online in Facebook right now and chat with them” into code that the computer can understand and execute.

Unfortunately there is probably no video available in how they made Facebook chat; however here is something different but just to show you the interesting stuff and tools that programmers come up with.

I can’t imagine of how many lines of code, the complexity of the algorithms and logic that this program has, but just to give you and idea just follow this two steps,

1. Right click anywhere in this page

2. Left click on the “view source” or “view page source” option

If it worked all those dozens of lines you see are html (Hyper Text Markup language),  the code used by this web page so that this simple page shows up in your screen. Now imagine making a program that is able to understand your drawings and physics laws as shown in the video, must take a lot of lines and work.

However programming has existed for a very long time thus tools have been created so that new programs don’t have to be written from scratch but instead using other programs and languages that for example allow you to drop and drag items facilitating the work of programmers. Therefore translating ideas into executable task becomes more of a matter of, creativity, logical thinking and appropriate use of programming resources.

Computers are really useful as it is is but they just keep getting better with the creation of new programs which make the creation of incredible tasks seem endless.  It is interesting to enjoy the beauty of technology but it is definetely more interesting to think about what else we will see or help develop in the near future.



Math 120 students, remember to go back to blackboard and take the quiz for extra credit.


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