1/22/09: Intel’s New Solar Powered Data Center

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Hey Math 120 students! My name is Nick and I was the guy who came to your class today to speak with you. Chances are if you’re reading this, you found the blog ok! That’s good! You’re basically half-way to your extra credit by now 🙂

You can find some specific instructions on how to get your extra-credit by going to the “Instructions for Extra Credit” page on this website. There are some pretty detailed instructions on what you’re supposed to do. Of course, if you guys have any questions at all feel free to head over to our “Contact” page and shoot us an email. You can also post a comment here, if you’d like! (In fact, if you post some comments for us, that would be pretty awesome!)

Now, with that stuff out of the way, here’s your article:

Panels like these are sustainable energy for the future.

Panels like these are sustainable energy for the future.

Renewable, “green” energy is a pretty common goal for a lot of companies right now. Not only does it look good from a public-relations standpoint, it’s also good for the planet. I’ve been pretty in to the idea of sustainability recently, and when I found out that the computer chip manufacturer Intel had created a solar powered data center in New Mexico, I was pretty stoked.

According to a representative from Intel,

“[The data center] will offset an estimated 907,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, the leading greenhouse gas, by 2025, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That is equivalent to as much carbon dioxide produced by 919,005 miles driven in an average car.”

That’s a pretty big deal. The prospect of having data centers powered primarily through solar power is unfortunately a long way away. There are a few drawbacks to using solar power, though. First, solar power does not produce enough electricity to power most older data centers. Second, the initial investment required to set up a solar powered data center is still quite large compared to setting up a standard data center. The reality of the situation is that until the price of solar panels goes down, many companies will opt to use traditional power sources, which will not last forever.

To be totally honest, the country and the world need people to invest more research into alternative energy sources. This, of course, will be impossible without researchers and other people willing to try to make a difference. Change must start small, and by taking technology classes, you can get a pretty rad job where you can actually make a huge difference!

I hope you guys liked the article, and if you have any comments feel free to post them in the comments section by clicking the “comments” button at the bottom of this post!




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