03/02/09 Mathematica

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I am sure you know that math has multiple uses in all areas of knowledge you can think of. Math can and it gets really complicated and challenging, many projects in a variety of fields require a way to manage and visualize data, automate calculations, create 2D and 3D graphics, draw plot charts, etc. Mathematica is computational software used to facilitate all of these tasks.

Mathematica was first released in 1988 with the visionary purpose of creating a system that could handle all the aspects of technical computing. It incorporates all mathematical knowledge into a computer system, which basically means that you can do virtually any mathematical calculation with the reliable accuracy and speed offered by computer systems. This is simply a super calculator.

One of the most amazing uses of Mathematica is its visualization capabilities. This video shows how this software is able to create all sorts of graphics. By the many types of graphs displayed it is easy to deduct that a program like this might be used for a wide variety of applications.

plot2Now take a look at the graph of a 3D normal distribution (that I am sure you are very familiar with by now) created with Matemathica and the  line of input used to create it. The input asks Mathematica to create a 3D dimensional plot of the exponential function equation1 using -2 to 2 for the x and y limits.

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