03/15/09 Creativity Meets Technology

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How do you make a fortune by simply using your creativity? Ashley Qualls figured it out accidentally  when she was 17 years old. She created a web page called whateverlife.com which became a one million dollar site.

Chuck Salter in the article Girl Power explains the concept of whateverlife.com “She [Ashley] has come along with the right idea at the right time. Eager to customize their MySpace profiles, girls cut and paste the HTML code for Whateverlife layouts featuring hearts, flowers, celebrities, and so on onto their personal page and–presto–a new look. Think of it as MySpace clothes; some kids change their layouts nearly as frequently”. In other words she designs all sorts of colorful images and makes them available for free so people can use them to customize their personal websites.

Ashley’s idea became highly profitable when in 2007 ValueClick Media an online marketing company discovered the page and offered the teenager to incorporate ads from 450 clients and share the revenue. Since then the company continues to grow and Ashley was even offered $1.5 million dollars for her company, amount that she declined.

Ashley was smart and maybe lucky at creating a fresh idea which was very well received by her fellow teenagers. Her success just took tons of creativity and basic internet knowledge. However professionals dedicated to creating web pages such as Ashleys often study careers such as web development or web design — the skill of designing hypertext presentations of content that is delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web– they learn about the multiple technologies involved in how a page looks and functions. This field is really challenging and it offers an exciting career for those who enjoy both graphic arts and technology.




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