03/26/09 Easy Programming

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When people hear about programming the first thing that comes to mind (if anything at all) is probably a nerdy looking guy sitting in front of a computer, writing a long document with bunch of commands. It sounds boring and complicated. However the motivation to learn programming comes from realizing that through programming you can create your own customized applications that behave exactly as you want them to.

Computer Programming is the process of writing, testing and maintaining computer commands. Sounds kind of geeky doesn’t it? However some basic knowledge on what that definition means and what you can actually accomplish through programming has encourage many people to work on incredibly useful applications which have made our world so much easier and fun.

You can create applications about whatever you want and people do, I mean just think about all the programs installed in your computer right now, the web browser, the music player, the photo editor. However you can also create much simpler programs that can do cool things for you, such as calculating your GPA, create animation or you even games or more professional applications might be to remind you of appointments.

Whether you like computers or you simply use them because you have to, the world is rapidly continues moving toward incredible technologies therefore being able to understand how to work with computers and also how computers actually get things accomplished might be useful skills to have. Learning introductory computer programming would give you a solid foundation about computers, as you will better understand their logic and behind the scenes functions.

A good introduction into the world of programming could be a Visual Basic class. Visual Basic is one of the easiest languages to learn as it uses a graphical interface, which means that first you create a window (graphic interface) with elements such as buttons, boxes, menus, etc, and then you add simple commands, telling the program what to do with those elements; it uses ordinary words to create understandable commands.

This video shows you how easy it is to create a program with Visual Basic.

Video By: Kevin Darnell

I really enjoyed TEC 151 Introduction to Industrial Computer Systems, It is an introductory Visual Basic class. Check it out! You start by creating basic programs such as the one in the video, and then learn to create more complex applications.




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