How to make “I don’t really understand computers” a thing of the past.

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I’d be willing to bet that most of you who read this blog do so from your own computer.  If you went to buy it yourself: did you know what all the jargon on the tag or advertisement meant? Regardless of your choice of major, having a fundamental understanding of technology is practical and will help you in the future. Plus, I think it’s pretty cool and you might too!

So, with that said and class registration coming up, I really recommend you check out the class “ITK 160: Foundations of Information Technologies.” Here’s the course description from the current Course Catalog.

“Concepts of computer-based systems; computer hardware,
software, and organizational environments; system cate-
gories, delivery modes; systems development methods;
career opportunities, responsibilities.”

Now, don’t let the course description scare you off! I’ve taken the class and it was pretty awesome. The teacher did a really great job of explaining computers in easy to understand terms. There’s no prerequisite so the class is open to anyone! So, if you are at all interested in learning how computers work, check out ITK 160!

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