04/13/09 RoboCup

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Contemporary fiction movies often show robots constantly interaction with  main characters. In movies like IRobot, robots are even shown in a struggle against humans to control the world. But how far  are we to actually seeing robots taking important roles in our society? Maybe we are not that far, projects such as RoboCup are bringing us closer to a new era of robotic technology.

RoboCup is an international robot competition, that aims to develop autonomus soccer robots  in an inittiative to promote artificial intelligence.  Their dream goal is to create a robots team that by 2050 should be able to compete and win against the soccer world cup champion of that time.

Creating Artificialy Intelligent RoboCup robots is a very interesting project and it entitles the joint of many technologies:

– Design of Autonomous agents which means that the robots have systems that sense the environment therefore they are not being controlled by either controlled by humans or computers but act independently.

– Multiagent collaboration that allows the robots to work as a team.

– Strategy acquisition to be more effective at playing the game.

– Real time reasoning that allows them to act accordingly to the game situation.

– Sensor function allows the robots to percieve where the ball, team mates, goals are located.

Manuela veloso plays a very important role in the development of this project. Ms Veloso is the president-elect of the International RoboCup Federation and a fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence. She is also a professor at Carnegie Mellon Universityand focus her studies how robots can learn, plan and work together to accomplish tasks.

Here is a video of Ms. Veloso showing some soccer robots in action.




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