10/26/2009: GOOG-411

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Almost everybody knows that Google is famous for its popular search engine. But, only limited people have heard and used one of the Google services called ‘GOOG-411’ that was out in September 2007. It is also popularly known as ‘Google Voice Local Search’. Google is one of those companies that seem to be expanding out in every direction.  Google 411 is a telephone service from Google that allows users to make a business search in any U.S. or Canadian City by calling toll-free telephone numbers i.e. 1-800-466-4411 or 1-877-466-4411.

When people call any of these two numbers, they will be told that the call is being recorded to improve results, and then asked to say the city and state of the sought business. Users may then search for the business by name or category, which generates a list of businesses matching the search. Users may then select a business on the list by saying “number” that corresponds to the business, or press the desired number on their phone. Once a business is selected, Google automatically connects the user to the business or sends short message service (SMS) with the phone number. Alternatively, users can listen to the address and phone number by saying “details”.

Another important advantage of using GOOG-411 is free of cost. Whether you use GOOG 411 once a month, once a day or 50 times every day for a month, no fees will be charged. The users using cell phones to obtain this service can enjoy two other fun features (i.e. text and map it facility) besides just an instant connection to the number of their choice. The user can utilize the option to get a text message that contains the information about business and phone number. Another feature called ‘map it’ gives the users a map of the area to make it easier to find the location from where the person is calling (internet is required). This feature turns out very beneficial when the user is traveling to new places such as going for job interviews or find out service places such as pharmacy in the middle of the night when visiting friends in a strange town.

Let’s take a look of this clip:

Google’s main objective is to build a powerful speech-to-text engine that will help them to perform accurate video search in future with the help of this service. Google will be using this product to accumulate more sample audio (different voices with different intonation) from people looking for businesses, so that they can use these speech samples to make a robust speech model.

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