11/2/09 – The Race Is On to Dominate the Global Clean Energy Market

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On the subject of going green, reducing carbon emissions, and working towards a better future, one aspect that tends to slip the minds of many are the benefits to our economy that come with researching new technologies on a large scale;  especially one that will offer jobs growing 2.5 times faster than traditional jobs.

Innovative business leaders and engineers are starting to realize that solving global warming, the biggest environmental, humanitarian, and security threats of our time, is presenting  a monumental opportunity.  This December, after international climate negotiations conclude in Copenhagen, and nations begin to set limits on carbon emissions and research new technologies in full force, the clean energy market will explode.

As stated in the opening, there are promising signs for new jobs in America.  “Green jobs” are growing at 2.5 times faster than traditional jobs as well as an enormous sense of possibility that comes with fresh new faces from our generation ready to work for the future benefit of our society, and to better mankind.  Researcher at MIT are already commencing work on the next generation of hybrid car batteries.  Green business leaders and entrepreneurs in Ohio are starting the conversion of windshield factories to make solar panels.  And steel workers in Indiana are going to turn the slowing steel industry into manufacturers of wind turbines.

Of course America is not the only nation working in this endeavor.  China is our biggest competition and has already set an ambitious target of meeting 10% of its energy demand through renewable sources by 2012, and 15% by 2020.  Though we are ahead in the “race,” the Chinese business community is rushing to catch up.  They are set to become the world’s leading manufacturer of wind turbines this year, and is already the top producer of photovoltaic cells for solar energy.

America needs to focus on taking swift action in order to unleash energy innovation here on the home front.  With nations like China, Germany, and Spain drawing their attention to the market potential that comes with green technology, it is vital for the success of our economy that we focus on developing a stable job market for the development of green technology.

In June of this year, the House of Representatives passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act that will set limits on global warming pollution and drive investment towards low-carbon solutions to reduce green house gases.  In order for these incentives to be placed into action, however, the Senate must pass its own version of the bill.  Senators John Kerry and Barbara Boxer have introduced the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act that will invest funds into reducing acid rain.  The bill has gained heavy support already from corporate giants like Alcoa and DuPont, as well as labor unions with the potential to generate millions of jobs in our future.

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