Happy Birthday, Firefox!

November 11, 2009 at 7:02 pm Leave a comment

It’s time to bust out the party hats and candles, everyone! The Open Source browser, Firefox, celebrated its fifth birthday this week. If you haven’t heard of Firefox, you’re really missing out on a pretty awesome browsing experience.

The first version of Firefox was released on November 9, 2004. It was developed by Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross of the Mozilla foundation, which formerly had a browser that was simply called “Mozilla”. Mozilla was a solid browser for its time but it had a few problems that were commonly associated with Open Source projects. Poor user-interface design, bloated features, and bad graphic design were all big problems for Mozilla.

With the launch of the Firefox project, the developers got the help of a graphic design firm and they solved the user-interface and identity issues that plagued Mozilla. Compared to the original Mozilla, which had a tiny market share, Firefox is up to over 330 million users! That number of users in such a short amount of time is almost unheard of in the software industry.

One of the things that has made Firefox so popular is the fact that it is Open Source. By allowing people to create add-ons for the browser, Firefox can have a huge number of personalized utilities. For example, if you’re a graphic designer and you want to see the color-code for a certain color on a website, there’s an add-on that can do that. If you absolutely hate advertisements, there are add-ons like AdBlock Plus that will remove ads from the websites you visit. Additionally, Firefox offers themes, so you can change the way it looks. All these features are great but one of the biggest benefits of using Firefox is the fact that it is generally regarded as more secure than Internet Explorer.  If you’re still not using Firefox, I suggest you head to their download page and give it a try! It’s completely free and by supporting the Open Source community, you help encourage programmers everywhere!

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