11/30/09 – Industrial Computer Systems

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Welcome back from a stuffing week of food and relaxation, unless you had a busy week like Sandeep and I did.  The next two blog posts will be situated around some of the useful courses open to students interested in technology and further building off of basic computing skills that we all have acquired throughout high school and into college.

As an Industrial Computer Systems major, I’ve taken a few introductory courses with other students from a variety of different majors.  One of my personal favorites is TEC 151 or Introduction to Industrial Computer Systems.  Industrial Computer Systems, known throughout campus as ICS, focuses more on the physical aspect of computers, meaning more hardware and functionality of computers than subjects of computer science, something that I find more interesting and relating a lot more to the average user than an expert programmer.

TEC 151 is the study and use of basic methods, materials, software and equipment used in industrial computer applications for imaging, graphics, and communications.  It is a 3 credit hour course taught through the Technology department with a prerequisite of being either a Tech major or minor or even consent from a department advisor.  Now, I’m not here to tell you to go to your advisor and switch your focus of study, but understand the benefits of having even a minor with a technical background.  I actually used to be an International Business major and had an in depth interest in studying and working abroad.  Through courses I took in the college of business, it was obvious to me the benefits of getting a strong understanding with technology.

TEC 151 teaches you the fundamentals of computing from hardware concepts to general programming, an all around sample of what possibilities are presented to you in the field of technology.  With the regular advancement of technology, computers are going to be more and more incorporated with many jobs from communications to even marketing.  TEC 151 shows you methods to create simple programs that can be used from a small business to maintain inventory or even a simple point-of-sale application for selling goods.

I used to think that business was all I needed to focus on while in school, but by taking this course, I realized that the more knowledge you have in different fields of study the more marketable you will be to a corporation and the potential is high for advancement.

Thank you for reading and good luck with the rest of the semester.



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