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Foundations of Information Technology

So, you’ve been reading this blog all semester. Hopefully you learned some stuff along the way. Our goal here was not to teach you about technology, but merely to help you become interested in it. We prefer to leave teaching to the professionals. So, with that said, there’s a class here at ISU that is open to people of all majors called Foundations of Information Technology (ITK 160).

ITK 160: Foundations of Information Technology is a class where you will learn the absolute basics of working in the I/T world. Below are the course objectives from the current syllabus:

  • Display evidence of socialization to the profession by using professional language, behavior, and formats in all work and in classroom behavior.
  • Explain and evaluate the potential of the career options available to those in the Information Technology industry.
  • Describe and discuss the importance of data as business assets and the place of Information technology (IT) capabilities within the modern business organization.
  • Identify the devices that comprise a computer system and describe the functions of each.
  • Describe structured programming and its underlying principles and methods.
  • Describe the system development life cycle as it pertains to information technology workers.
  • Identify and be able to discuss some issues faced by the IT profession, including the topics of security and privacy of data.

Don’t let the formal language of the syllabus scare you off. The class is actually pretty fun. I’ve taken it, as a photography major, and had a good experience. In the class you’ll learn some basic programming techniques using software called Alice. It’s fun and easy to use because it’s intended for beginners. Unlike programming languages like Java or C++, Alice was designed for people who’ve never programmed anything before. In addition to the small amount of programming in the class, you’ll learn to understand the technical lingo people use and you’ll learn a lot about computers in the process. Being able to diagnose your own computer problems is something that could save you time and money in the future! The stuff this class will teach you can help you get into the various job fields that we’ve been talking about all semester. The rudimentary knowledge of computers and technology will help you in pretty much any field, whether you are planning on becoming a teacher or a business executive, understanding the basics of technology will be greatly advantageous.

I really recommend everyone take this class. Even if it’s just to see if you even like I/T or if it’s just to supplement your major, you will definitely benefit from this useful class. So, ITK 160: Foundations of Information Technology is a pretty rad class and I think you should give it a shot!

Thanks for reading all semester everyone! Have a great break! But, as always, don’t forget to take your quiz for extra credit.



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