4/22/2010 – Yoky Matsuoka

April 22, 2010 at 11:57 am 2 comments

This is Yoky Matsuoka, mother of three and a dog owner.  You might assume that the problems Yoky solves through out her day are mundane or repetitive, but you’d be wrong.  That’s because in addition to being a Mom, she is also a sort of expert in the fields of science and engineering.

Along with Neurobotics Lab, Yoky has been involved in over a dozen projects focusing on understanding how the brain directs the body then replicating that process in robots.  For example, one project resulted in a hand exoskeleton to aide people with paralysis.  The exoskeleton receives signals via EMG sensors attached to other parts of the body.  The hand was capable of pinching, pointing, and grasping and successfully aided a quadriplegic student in testing.  The lab is also working on an anatomically correct robotic hand. Check out the projects section on their website to see more of their projects.

When you’re done head back to black board and take the quiz!



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Library of Congress to archive ‘Tweets’. Have a great summer, everyone!

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  • 1. Anonymous  |  April 22, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    weak david…you slacked on this one.

    sandeep, on the other hand, is a baller

  • 2. Anonymous  |  April 23, 2010 at 9:47 am

    But look at the video on the projects website. It’s really amazing what that robotic finger can do. The video is really small, but you can see a person’s finger in the corner to compare to the robotic finger.


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