Information Technology: Completely Misunderstood

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I’m a normal person…as normal as we come. I have friends. I have a significant other. I lead a pretty busy and tiring, but normal, life. If I told you that I was a Computer Science Major, what would your first response be? For most of you, I’d guess it would be “Ewww! How nerdy!” or “Wow, that must be hard!” or maybe one of the other responses from this super humorous pie chart.

How many times have I been asked if I can fix someone’s computer? If I had a nickel for every time, I’d probably be richer than…..well, richer than I am.

If you weren’t going to respond with one of these responses, I’m betting you’ve had at least a little exposure to the field of Information Technology. Either way, today I’d like to remove some of the fog surrounding this field. It’s not a scary subject.

No, really. It’s not.

Today, I found a top 10 list on that I think highlights how not scary (and super easy!) Information Technology really is.

Top 10 Qualities of Information Technologists

1.  Excellent Analytical Skills – Can you solve puzzles? Can you problem solve?

2.  An Attention to Detail – Do you do things thoroughly? Do you think things through fully?

3.  A Commitment to Learning – Do you like to learn new things?

4.  Good Communication Skills – Do people generally have a confused look on their face when you are talking to them? That is not the effect you should be looking for.

5.  An Aptitude for Math – Are you good at math?

6.  Ability to Learn Programming Languages – Can you memorize rules? It’s like learning a foreign language, but the best part is that it has no exceptions to rules…unlike every natural language! No i before e except after c!

7.  Ability to Handle Multitasking – It used to be that some people couldn’t walk and talk at the same time, but we’re tech savvy nowadays. I see people walking across campus, while texting and chatting with friends, everyday with no collisions!

8.  Solid Troubleshooting Capabilities – Can you figure out why something isn’t working? Let’s assume you know how it works in the first place.

9.  Technical Writing Skills – Can you convey ideas on paper professionally and comprehensibly?

10.  Versatility – You’re already halfway through another major? Awesome! You can use that knowledge to be even more valuable in Information Technology.

In all seriousness, my goal in this post is just to show you that Information Technology capitalizes on common skills. I started out as an Actuarial Science major at ISU. I love problem solving (see top 10 #1), but I had zero computer experience other than the basic usage of Microsoft Office, internet surfing, etc. For me, Information Technology was not a field that I had even considered for a future profession. My judgment was clouded by the misunderstanding that it was a difficult, elite field. Then, I took an introductory programming course for my Actuarial Science major and LOVED IT! I changed my major that semester and have never looked back.

Students with many of these top ten qualities will find Information Technology to be a very rewarding field. On top of the fun they will be having (and they will be having fun!), they will have great job prospects. According to the US Department of Labor, two of the five fastest growing careers are in the field of Information Technology. Since I am graduating in December, I have been doing some serious job searching and can add that my job options are tremendous!

All in all, Information Technology is a viable career option, which many people have not taken the time to consider for whatever reason. It should not be an intimidating profession. After all, it’s not rocket science. Literally.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to head over to Blackboard and take the quiz!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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