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Sick of having a slow internet connection due to the location of your wireless router?   Do you ever wish that you  could walk anywhere in your house and not have to worry about not having a strong wireless signal?  The FCC may have just made a ruling to help solve all of your problems!

Just weeks ago the FCC unanimously passed a vote (5-0) in favor of making certain airwaves formally reserved for television and radio channels now available for wireless internet usage.  They have placed certain guidelines and restrictions on the uses of these frequencies which has opened up a brand new market for wireless connectivity.  Using these new frequencies will allow signals to go through walls with no problems as well as giving a signal that is twice as fast and twice as strong.  Many people have referred to the new concept as “WiFi 2.0” or “WiFi on steroids” because of its advantages over traditional WiFi.  As you can imagine, developers of the new technology are currently working very hard to get these new products into the hands of consumers as soon as possible.  One article from Google shows their interests in the new technology and the possibilities that it has to offer.  Other big companies such as Dell, Microsoft, and HP have all shown their support for the FCC’s decision as well.

What does all of this mean for you?  Not only does this allow the option for newer routers with more power and faster capabilities but this also has the potential of blanketing entire cities with WiFi hotspots.  Just as you can hear and see radio and television stations over the airwaves throughout a large metropolitan area, there is now the potential to have your internet do the same thing.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go anywhere with a phone or say maybe an iPod Touch or an iPad  and be able to access the internet anywhere for free.  Even in smaller, more rural areas there can be access points that make availability to the internet much higher for the local population.  Since the FCC passed these new rules and regulations and opened up these airwaves for public use without the need for registration, there are going to be many changes in the ways our phone carriers and ISPs run their businesses!

For more information please refer to the link right here for the original article.

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