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Being a young adult in this day and age offers with it not only great advances in computer technology, but also a front row seat to consistent releases of new ground breaking communication and electronic technologies.  We saw Apple take an enormous chunk of the wireless market with the release of devices like the iPhone and iPad.  We saw how having a fast and dedicated cable or other high-speed internet connection can offer us unlimited internet access, streaming of HD movies, or the ability to be reached from almost anywhere in the world.  “Whatever could be the next new technological wave in the computer world,” you may ask yourself.

The answer? Cloud computing.  Or rather, that’s one answer, and a good one at that!  Cloud computing comes into focus more and more today when you look at what it comes down to when you set up a new system of computers for a business, or a large number of computers to be set up in a public environment:  a way to store large quantities of data in a secure location.  Include training new personnel on systems and software, and setting up new software solutions to be used.  And connectivity, the most important requirement of cloud computing.

Cloud computing is at an early stage in its life, but a prime new example of what it can offer us is the ability to deploy computer systems at a company that is paid for on a subscription-based pay-per-use service that can deliver high tech IT solutions at a fraction of the price.  A provider can deploy a number of less powerful systems that can run desired applications either from the actual computer itself or on the server end from a remote location allowing all the work to be done over a secured connection in a private network.  Cloud computing does bring forth its own challenges, but has already proven to be one of the next steps on the staircase of technology.

Check out this pretty cool video of some VPs at very well known companies discussing about how they can put their heads together for the better of cloud computing and for the better of customers using it.  Don’t forget to take the quiz on the post and video!

Also, the quiz is on the second page of the list on blackboard, so if it isn’t showing up at first, navigate to the next page!



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