Facebook Mail = Gmail Killer?

November 16, 2010 at 11:59 pm Leave a comment

There is a lot of buzz floating around about the meeting that Mark Zuckerberg had organized for the morning of Monday, November 15th regarding Facebook email.  A new function in Facebook will now allow its users to send Facebook messages as both a message internally to other Facebook users or as an email to anybody who has an email address.  So far as I can tell I’m not quite sure how to reply back yet but that is still coming.  The big question is if this is going to have any effect on other email services such as Gmail or Yahoo!.

Side note: Here is a funny website I found that was speaking specifically about different email clients and what they say about a person (Click here for site!). I personally found a lot of this to be true from experiences that I’ve had but I do admit that I still have an Aol account that I never got rid of that I pretty much just use for junk mail and on occasion I will get email from a family member (who is over 60) that will have pictures of kittens.

Back to the real topic: Will Facebook email have a huge impact on the competition? With over 500 million Facebook users there is bound to be some sort of change in email usage. From what I’ve seen so far I believe that these other companies will only have to worry about the younger generations for the moment. For anybody out of high school, Facebook begins to seem a little too informal and very unprofessional. With students communicating with their professors on a regular basis and looking for future jobs from employers, a Facebook email would not seem to look very impressive. Not only that but I’ve never really been a fan of regular Facebook messaging to begin with and for me to jump on this bandwagon I think that I would need to be swayed a lot further with a whole new interface on both the message/email itself as well as the inbox. I assume that we will see more to come from Facebook in the near future but as of right now I’m not sure that Mr. Zuckerberg is making the right call.

On top of all of this news Aol (formerly AOL; now cleverly lowercased Aol) came out publicly to say that they are starting their ‘Project Phoenix’ which will be their email overhaul of the decade?? Anyway, Aol will have a new layout which will be a combination of their old email and instant messaging system with a bit of Gmail flair to tie it all together. They promise that you do not need to use their @aol.com domain and that all of their features will be very useful and up to date.

Project Phoenix: Aol's e-mail overhaul

My REAL two cents: What’s the deal with Facebook chat? Hasn’t anybody thought about making that a little more reliable and efficient so that people can actually have a real conversation that doesn’t drop messages or cut off mid-thought when a user switches pages? Facebook could definitely start small and fix some of its glitches before it starts to take on a whole new way of communications.

Please take the quiz on Blackboard! Here is the link to the site that I got my information about Facebook email on (Click here). Sorry this post is a little late this week…



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