Up in the Clouds again

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Once again another blog entry has lead to talks about the “Cloud”. The concept of cloud computing really isn’t that new but the way in how it has recently been advertised is. Cloud computing has always existed in one form or another and many of us use cloud tools on a daily basis. If any of you have used almost any sort of email system with an extension such as .ilstu, .gmail, .yahoo, or .aol (along with many others) you’ve experienced a type of cloud computing. The basic concept of cloud computing is storing and accessing information on the internet rather than on your physical desktop. In other words, for you to use a certain tool or access certain information you must have an internet connection.

Many of you may have recently seen advertisements for Microsoft and their new cloud computing services that they offer. In one commercial there are a few different business partners who are able to share documents from all parts of the world and change, edit, and update the same document all within the same time periods and then access it again from the same online location. This is the way that the technology industry sees businesses headed towards in the near future. With internet access becoming more and more available wherever people are traveling to and with 3g networks available on cell phones it seems to make a lot of sense.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing conceptual diagram

Microsoft has come up with ways for companies to have their own private clouds where it is now much easier to have a lot of storage for all file types to be shared amongst a large amount of users. If any of your are familiar with the Google tools that are out there (Google Groups, Docs, Calendar) you’ve probably experienced a lower scale version of what Microsoft is trying to offer. In fact Google has made a lot of these things possible over the last few years that have probably laid out many of the free, basic groundwork solutions for many of these new products to come. Microsoft has been trying to push its products on bigger companies so that this new concept of having lots of data within a private cloud will catch on faster to the general public.

With so many of these new ideas coming out it is hard to keep up with what all of these products are and how they will be helpful to every day users like you and I. Some of these topics can be interesting to keep up with while other parts of this information are pretty essential to what will be taking over within the next few years…

In fact we have invited a speaker come to teach us a bit more about cloud computing this week. The Business Information Systems club would like to invite you to come hear Jamie Mathy from Mavidea come speak about his work, the technology industry, and how businesses all over the world will utilize Cloud Computing. Please join us this Wednesday, December 8th at 7:00PM in the College of Business room 366 to come hear Jamie speak! For more information about the Mavidea Technology Group where Jamie works please visit www.mavidea.com

The article I found was from ABC (http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory?id=12326754). Don’t forget to take the quiz on Blackboard! Good luck with finals!



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