2/24/2011 NBA and NHL on YouTube

February 23, 2011 at 7:40 pm 1 comment

“NBA games streaming on YouTube? Just a click away from a cat playing the piano?” asks NBC sports writer, Kurt Helin.  While his question is hilarious, the answer is very exciting for many sports fans.  Recently Google, who in 2006 bought YouTube, has been discussing with the NBA and NHL about streaming live games.  Google’s director of content partnership for Asia Pacific, Gautam Anand, says broadcasting live games is a goal for 2011.

Broadcasting live sporting events online is not a new idea.  By purchasing a “League Pass subscription,” NBA games can already be watched online, tennis and soccer are watched live consistently throughout the world, and through YouTube any entertaining feat is usually posted within minutes.  Regardless, YouTube wants to secure their medium as a sports provider.  Their first project was broadcasting cricket matches from the Indian Premier League.  It was profitable by keeping viewers on YouTube for longer sessions which allows for more advertising and expands the fan base.  The Indian Premier League cricket matches brought in “55 million visits from more than 250 countries.”

YouTube sees potential markets internationally for the NBA and NHL.  Bringing in a significant amount of international viewers combined with increased advertising would be extremely profitable.  YouTube’s only competitors are Hulu and Netflix and the live sports broadcast would make YouTube the leader.

I would love NBA broadcasting on YouTube.  To be successful YouTube must provide a flawless stream, reliable servers, and advertising that is not too distracting.  The larger significance of a potential YouTube and NBA/NHL relationship is the increasing connection between technology and our favorite past times.  It encourages consumers to invest in technology and could provide jobs in bringing the broadcasting sphere to technology.  While seeing Derrick Rose on my 16 inch monitor may not have the same delightful effect, the availability and convenience would be great.

See the original story here- Google\’s YouTube in Talks to Stream NBA, NHL Games Live. It is all over the news. Keep an eye out for it as it progresses!  Check out the article or the IPM YouTube Link! YouTube IPL

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  • 1. Megan  |  February 27, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    This is awesome! Great way to expand to new media outlets for sports!


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