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Tracey Welson-Rossman graduated from college with a B.S degree in Business Administration with a focus on retail management/marketing.  She now estimates working in the information technology world for eleven years.  Previously, Tracey bought a company KangaKab and sold it for a total revenue off $2.5 million.  She worked at Skylight Systems and as recently as March 3rd, 2011 received nomination to a United Nations panel discussing Women in Technology.  Currently the Director of Business Development at Chariot Solutions, a IT consulting firm focused on application development in Java and other technologies, she is passionate about her job.

While Tracey’s professional information provides important examples of smart business and a successful IT career, its significance for young adults is more conceptual.  The opportunity for young adults in our increasingly technical era is vast, for men and women.  I was able to have a phone interview with Tracey and in our conversation she emphasized many different aspects of technology and the importance of finding ones’ personal niche.  Designing smart phone apps, network security, the .NET world, web design, software development, are only a few examples of how to apply technology in the professional world.  IT provides a career of significance and value as it requires a continuous education.  Development is not limited through school work and good grades because an individual is empowered to learn material independently and can be successful applying it professionally.

Having any technical skills can benefit a resume.  Tracey also focuses on the women’s role in the iconically man’s world of IT as she explains, “it’s not just the man with the pocket protector anymore, and even they are really nice.”  The lack of women in IT is a problem and Tracey created a group called TechGirlz to help fix it.  In the Philadelphia area TechGirlz recognizes, “High-profile women in technology-driven roles are hard to find in this primarily male-dominated industry.  However, there is an elite group of women who have been able to breakthrough the glass ceiling to become trusted and relied upon voices in technology.”  TechGirlz has six high-profile women from diverse areas of IT working together through facebook, twitter, speaking at conferences, and hosting programs to help the cause.  TechGirlz programs’ include hosting clinics for middle-school girls introducing them to technology.  After demonstrating how empowering technology can be,  the girls are as Tracey explained “hungry to learn.” Breaking through the glass ceiling is not an easy task; however, as technology awareness spreads women will make a difference.

At Illinois State University, my upper-level information technology classes are majority males.  While many majors experience gender division, it is a number that everyone should be aware about.  Tracey recognizes her priorities are not being a feminist, but she recognizes a beneficial group of our population missing from IT.  Regardless of gender, current skill, or major, there are opportunities within IT.  Start to think about skill sets to acquire and be ready for the future!

Look at techgirlz website to learn more or feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!

Cheers, Marla


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