Romo, The Smartphone Robot

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Majority of people nowadays have a smartphone.  Whether its an Android powered phone, or an iPhone, almost everyone has one.  We can listen to music on them, watch videos, tweet, check facebook or do just about anything.  What if you could make a robot out of your smartphone?  Now you can!

Two guys from from Seattle, Peter Seid and Phu Nyuyen have created a new type of hardware for your smartphone.  They created something they call the Romo.  The romo is a simple and affordable physical robot that you attach your smartphone too.  It then plugs into your audio jack.  The robot uses basic analog electronics to trigger two motors via sounds transmitted from your phone and through the audio jack.

When the robot is actually made available to buy to the public, it will also come with 3 apps for iOS and Android.  The first app, called RomoRemote, lets you control the robot from another smartphone over Wifi.  The app will even have a live view, by using the phones camera on the one connected to the robot.  The second app, called Romo Kart is a mixed reality version of the famous Mario Kart which even includes “digital attacks” that let you “attack” other Romo robots.  The third app will be the app you run while it is connected to the Robo robot.

The Romo app you run while it is connected to the Robo robot will also have Drag And Drop programming modules, so you can make the robot do tasks by doing simple Drag and Drop programming.  This looks like a pretty exciting new technology!  I think it would be some fun to race around a couple of those with my friends and play some Mario Kart! Hope you guys enjoyed the blog post.  You can view the original article here and watch a video about the project here if you want to learn more.  Remember to do the BlackBoard quiz!




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