3D Scanners being used to custom-fit clothes

November 11, 2011 at 11:37 am Leave a comment

You may or may not have heard of body-scanning systems that take peoples’ measurements, so those people know what size of clothes to shop for. Technology now exists that is taking it even a step further. Not only would the customer get a scan done to obtain their precise measurements, but Fitted Fashion, the company utilizing this technology, would then make each customer one or more pairs of custom-fit jeans, and mail those to their home.

The idea behind the business is that people will go through a digital tailoring process. Fitted Fashion co-founder Jamal Motlagh says that the process takes about three minutes, with the scan itself taking only about 30 seconds. Fitted Fashion already uses 3D scanning booths, made by tech company [TC]^2. Using white light, these devices capture over 400 measurements of a client’s entire body which are used to create the perfect fitting custom jeans.

The body scanning technology has existed for a couple years, but is just starting to be utilized in consumer industries. Fitted Fashion plans on opening a design studio in NYC where customers can come in and get fitted for anything from just a pair of jeans to a full suit.  I am excited to see if this technology takes off and becomes common in the fashion industry; as a really skinny person it can be hard to find a perfect fitting pair of jeans.

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