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Assuming that you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might be thinking that there are some pretty interesting things going on in the world of IT. You might even wonder what “they” might come up with next.

But WHO is the THEY that comes up with these ideas? Why not imagine YOURSELF as one of those creative, interesting people who makes a contribution to the world by helping to develop or support IT?

There are huge opportunities in IT for people with many different backgrounds. Good-paying, interesting, fun jobs can be had for those with the skills and knowledge. In fact, many job openings in IT right now and for the foreseeable future are going begging–employers can’t fill these openings because there are not enough college students taking IT courses.

These job openings vary widely. People with artistic skill are needed for Web design. People with strong logical skill and the ability to think mathematically are needed to create software. People who understand education, or science, or business, or engineering, are needed to serve on teams that develop new ways to use IT — but these people need to know something about IT in addition to their main area of expertise.

Think about it. Is there maybe a place for YOU to get involved in IT?

I’ll be writing again in a few days with more info. Today, I just want to get you to think for maybe 30 seconds — about whether it might be a good idea for YOU to plan on exploring some IT course work.

(No quiz on this post.)

Kenton Machina


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