Technology’s Influence on People with Special Needs

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Technology has a wide variety of uses, but what you may not know is how useful it has been for people with special needs. Technology provides a way for people with special needs to participate or communicate in ways they’ve never been able to. For example, at ISU, we have Assistive Technology for students with disabilities. The staff provide alternative methods, like converting textbooks to Braille, for students so they can participate in classes and get their degree. [If this sounds interesting to you, check out ways to volunteer,]

Even though they are quite new, tablets have already had a big impact on children. Using a tablet visually and physically stimulates a person, which is very important for a child to experience. This stimulation helps children learn and develop as a person. And since the tablet is in your control, it isn’t over stimulating because the volume and brightness can be adjusted. Tablets also have the benefit of apps. Apps are being created for children with special needs. For example, in the article you are going to read, 6-year-old Caden has Down syndrome and has a hard time verbally communicating. His iPad has become an outlet for him. It gives him the ability to communicate what he wants to eat, if he needs to go to the bathroom, or even just to say hello! Read this article to learn more about technology’s influence on children with special needs and then take your quiz on ReggieNet!


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