Learning to Engineer Brick by Brick

November 4, 2012 at 9:34 pm Leave a comment

Hey Math 120 Students,

Welcome back for another post! I’m sure all of you are burnt out from school, but hey, 11 more days until Thanksgiving Break!! Today’s post is about accessibility. Yes, technology is accessible to almost everyone; and most of us use it daily, even hourly. What isn’t accessible to everyone is how technology works and how to create things from technology. There is a big gap between those that use technology and those that create or make things from technology. We are taught that only experts create things with technology. This idea turns people away from the IT field. A lot of people think they cannot do the things an engineer or developer can do, so they don’t try. But every engineer/developer started somewhere! This is something I learned my freshman year at ISU. I didn’t think I could be an IT major because I didn’t think I could code. But once I took a required programming class, I learned that creating things with technology is not as hard as we all think it is; thus changing my major to IT. Being put into a situation where I HAD to learn about technology really expanded my viewpoint. I think a lot of us use technology in the way we want: email, Facebook, Twitter, watching videos, etc. But very few of us go out and research how these things are created. Very few of us expose ourselves to the inner workings of technology. Ayah Bdier, engineer and artist, wanted a way to make technology accessible to everyone, so she created a product called littleBits. litteBits allows anyone to learn about the inner workings of engineering.

Watch the video below and take the quiz on Reggie Net!

What do you think of littleBits? Would you want to try it?


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