One More Chance

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OK, so it’s getting close to the end of the semester, and you’re busy thinking about how to get everything done. Here’s another chance to earn a little extra credit if you’re an ISU MAT 120 student. But, more importantly, here’s one more chance for ISU students to think about their future plans.

How do you plan to distinguish yourself from this friendly fellow? Smiley chimp
Remember: The path of least resistance leads slowly downhill.

I’ve been pitching the idea that there are a great many more opportunities open to people who have significant IT knowledge and skill, in almost any field, simply because IT is becoming more and more embedded in every field. Want to be a detective? Learn as much as you can about IT. Want to be a health care professional? Learn as much as you can about IT. Maybe you hope to be an entrepreneur? Most start-ups these days center on IT. … You get my point.

But, you ask, what specifically should you do about all this? Some possible answers:

1) Take some IT courses that relate to your fields of interest. Fit them in somewhere. JUST DO IT. (Pun intended.)

For a list of some ISU courses that might just do the trick for you, click here.

2) Add an IT-related minor to your existing major. Several are available at ISU. (See below for details.)

3) Try out an IT-related major. Or jump right in, and declare one if you don’t already have one.

For a brief description of ISU majors and minors related to IT, click here.

Want more advice? Send me an e-mail.

If you want to keep reading this blog next semester, you’re certainly welcome! Access is open to anyone. (But no more quizzes for you next term.)

Kenton Machina

(ISU MAT 120 students: don’t forget to take the quiz on this post.)


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Fare Thee Well, Fall 2012 MAT 120 Students So Long and Thanks for Reading

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