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So Long and Thanks for Reading

Hey Guys,

So we meet one last time. I cannot believe this semester is already over. I’m looking forward to graduating in two weeks and starting my new job! I have accepted a Support Analyst position at McDonald’s Corporation in the US IT department. I started at McDonald’s Corp two summers ago as an intern. They asked to me to continue working from school. For the past year and a half, I’ve worked from my apartment here at school and gone into the office over breaks and the occasional Friday. I am an excellent example of the importance of internships. Luckily, the School of IT requires all students to get an internship. Because of this requirement, I found an internship and I now have a job right out of college, unlike many of my peers. IT major or not, I cannot stress enough how important I think internships are. Start applying now for summer!!

As you’ve heard (multiple times), this blog’s goal was to promote IT and encourage you to try out some IT classes. I hope that one of these posts grabbed your attention and really made you think about how important technology is in our lives. I strongly encourage you to try an IT class. It will help you with other classes and round out your education, especially if you are a business or math major. I understand that some of you may be nervous about taking an IT class and not doing well. The only thing I can suggest is to TRY. You can always drop the class a week or two in if it feels too overwhelming. But you may find you enjoy the class, just like I did!

I enjoyed writing for you guys this semester and I hope this extra credit project was enjoyable for you too! I hope you all finish out this semester strong and take some time to rest over the break.


Thanks for reading guys, and feel free to reach out by comment or email if you have any questions!

–Kate Andorka



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