Are you a Gardener? Well maybe this can help…

March 31, 2013 at 2:19 pm Leave a comment

I went home this weekend for Easter and since it’s not snowing outside, I was able to see the backyard. My mom always wants me to help her plant flowers. It also reminded me of my neighbors’ yard and how her husband has a garden for vegetables.  During the summer time, they would give us some of the tomatoes and cucumbers they had.

Reading the New York Times, there are these new apps that give those who are not great gardeners the opportunity to know what they are doing. I figured that since I’m not the only one waiting for summer to hit and to also see the flowers bloom, I thought it would be a great idea to mention these apps.

Garden Pro, Landscaper’s Companion, The Beginners Garden Guide, and Garden Tracker are the apps that were mentioned that you can purchase for less than $5 depending on which one you get. The Garden Pro only cost $4 and available to iPhones. It is great for beginners as well as experts. This app gives you a list of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. You are able to get information on this such as the light preference for the flower, how much water you should give it, preferred soil and basic care instructions. There is also a to do list available to help you remember what you should do/buy.

Next is the Landscaper’s Companion. It costs $5 and is available on iPhones and androids. This is for experienced gardeners. More detailed information for the different types of plants, cultivation advice and pictures of the plants. You can also add your own plant pictures but it will cost an additional $7.

The Beginners Gardening Guide is an android app for people who are just starting gardening work. With this app you are able to gain soil management, design examples, detailed information on vegetables or flowers.

Lastly, Garden Tracker is a $2 app that will help you design what you want your garden to look like with the flowers you picked. A grid pops up and you pick which areas you want to plant to go. A list will provide the name of the flower as well as a description.

There are many other apps that help with doing gardening work. I like how we are able to use technology to help us with daily tasks that we don’t even think twice about because we were born in the technology generation.

Have a good day! Math 120 don’t forget to take the quiz.


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