Touch Technology

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Touch technology is pretty advance now a days.  The sensors that they use on phones and tablets are just incredible.  I know on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4), while I’m watching a YouTube video, if I look away, it will pause for me until I look back.  It is one of the eye recognition sensors that the Samsung has developed.  This has spread from smartphones to tablets and also laptops as well.

One thing that these touchscreen devices are lacking is feedback.  You cannot feel the buttons you are pressing when you move candy’s over in Candy Crush.  Nor can you feel the buttons when you are typing a text message on your phone.

Well look no further folks! The research department of Walk Disney Company are developing something called “haptic” devices.  Haptic technology is a feedback technology that used the sense of touch by applying forces and vibrations to the user also known as tactical feedback.  This allows users to take control of virtual objects.  If this definition does not help you or if you want to know more, look at quick link below that will explain to you what it does.

I’m sure majority of you guys have played with the Xbox Kinect.  Imagine how much better it would be if you could feel the items around you.  The product Disney is developing shoots a puff of air at you in conjunction to what is happening in the game. As you saw on the YouTube video.  The TV had soccer balls coming at the guy and the sensor device was shooting little puffs of air at him so that he can feel it.  This device that Disney has made is called “Aireal”.

Many other research company’s are developing similar devices to this one.  Be on the lookout in the next decade for something to come out similar to this.  The feature of technology just keeps getting more advance as we know it.  I still think some people are still trying to get on to the whole touchscreen part of it and just wait until this new “Haptic Technology” stuff gets out.  Lets just hope it is as user friendly so that people aren’t left behind in this world of technology.

Happy Halloween and have a safe weekend!  Maybe if this video gets enough likes and comments, I’ll post a picture of my funny Halloween costume! haha

Don’t forget to take the quiz! A couple questions from there might be from the YouTube video. 😉


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