Police Face Recognition Software

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For the majority of you who have posted pictures on your Facebook and have used the “Photo Tag Suggestion” feature.  You would probably think this article is pretty interesting.  For those who don’t know what I am talking about, it’s when you upload pictures onto your Facebook album and Facebook automatically matches the peoples faces in the pictures and tag your friends.

Now homeland security is trying out the same thing, except for police officers.  Right now in San Diego, police officers are equipped with tablets and cell phones with an app that they can use to take pictures and look up your information.  Currently the database of pictures are of people who have been arrested before.  So when the police arrests someone, they take a quick picture of them and then the app uses facial recognition to match the persons face to someone who has been convicted.  When this is matched, there are a number of pictures the officer can look at to compare.  If there is a match then the officer just selects the picture and their information comes up including arrests.

This new facial recognition technology would help police officers retrieve data from individuals in a quicker manner.  Many other states are catching on to this and they are linking the facial recognition technology to driver’s license databases.  This can be good and bad depending on how the test goes.  The technology is still in the works but they hope to improve it to work accurately.  Currently, the app may have a potential for false positives which can have a lot of mishaps.  But if you have no convictions or arrests, you shouldn’t be worried.  It would also be up to the judgement of the police officers who receives the technology to choose if the images match.

When I heard about this, I thought it was very interesting because technology is growing bigger everyday.  Now even the simplest thing we know can be used to help the police protect us from dangerous people.  This facial recognition program has been on all of our phone cameras and regular cameras for awhile now.  It’s just interesting that now they thought of the idea to use it for another good cause than just taking #SelfieSundays (Instagram Lingo).

Don’t forget to take the quiz and have a good weekend!

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